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"Intérieurs par André"

Interiors by Andrew

Graduating from the top of his class in the highest accredited design university in the USA, Andrew has been doing Interior Architecture ever since. Although he has expanded his realm by branching into Urban planning, Ecologique Architecture, and the design of interior furnishings, he has never strayed far from his deepest passion, Interiors.

In 2004, he was the Interior Architect for the Nelson Home that was voted Best Residence in the USA, by the American Institute of Architects. In 2011, he found himself in Paris, helping the French government bring their buildings up to their own standards. Andrew has recently completed a major renovation in creating an ecologically efficient smart home, within an older seaside home in southern Brittany.

Beach Cottage, passive solar, smart house, smart glass, rénovation, cuisine

Project based on the 1930's 'Beach cottage' style. We blended a 60's house with more ancient elements to sandwich the 30's, stylistically, and added characteristic elements such as the kitchen cabinetry, based on the idea that in this epoch, kitchen furniture was essentially elements brought in, often mismatched, yet integrated into the whole. 

A descent down a magnificent ridge reveals this four and one-half bedroom home framing a dramatic landscape with unobstructed views of the San Juan Mountains. This exquisite landmark draws its inspiration from the historic Allegheny mine building which sat high above Telluride in the 1930’s. The architecture evokes early 20th-Century mining structures while incorporating superlative modern comforts.

4;5 bedroom ski lodge, san juan mountains, interior design
Aménagement, bureau pro
bathroom, girls, Aménagement
dressing, penderie, patchwork, Aménagement
dressing, penderie

More than a dozen contemporary aménagements were recently completed in southern Brittany. 

With the main intent of maximizing storage space, these built in cupboards, closets, and shelving units were custom designed to not only fit into the existing decor and architecture, but to really become part of the house and augment the home value.

For a public school near Paris, this cafeteria was brought to light by the four meter high bay windows, which not only flooded the space with natural light but captured the sun's heat as well, giving visual to a zen garden. The acoustic panels were a necessary yet playful element to where nearly sixty school children would take lunch .

architecture d'intérieur, public, cantine, 80 enfants
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