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False ceilings in BA 13

Ceiling tiles 600*600 for the kitchen

CF 2H ceiling for trash room

Acoustic panels for the refectory

13mm plasterboard cladding for skylights


Distribution partitions 72 mm

Carrobric 100 type partitions

13mm plasterboard cladding

Arclynn dressing for cooking and washing

Plasterboard for coffers, soffits and offsets

Red wood reinforcement (thickness of the partition) for maintaining sanitary appliances and various equipment


Isoplane honeycomb interior doors (some with oculus)

CF 1/2H doors for cooking and washing

CF 1H doors for trash room

Fixed PF 1/2H glazed frames in the refectory

Door closers for access doors to the basement, cellar doors, door to the Director's storage room


Interior electric concealment on skylights


Cupboards for the refectory

Staff lockers in changing rooms

Mirrors in locker rooms



Double-flow ventilation of the refectory

Air conditioning in the trash room

Natural ventilation grilles for the trash room


Lighting for all premises

Repair and creation of security lighting


Adult toilet bowl for the well extension room

Sinks for the extension bathroom and classroom no. 5

Shower trays in existing toilets and changing rooms


PVC floors for the refectory, changing rooms, circulation, classroom no. 5 and the ATSEM room

Threshold bars for each connection between different coverings

Tiling for the kitchen, sink, bathroom, room adjoining the ATSEM room and trash room


Earthenware for bathrooms and water points created

Painting on walls, ceilings, doors and baseboards

Painting on metal frames of doors and ventilation ducts

Vinyl paint on walls and ceiling of trash room

Spandrel protection plate on the walls of the refectory, including plinths


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