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ABTArchitecture is an independent company specializing in the design of medium to high-end biophilic houses and interior architecture. ABThwaites, Project Architect, is accompanied by GNThwaites who occupies the editorial and international communications function.

A.B. Thwaites
Projet Architect/ Architect Interior

Born in Ann Arbor Michigan, USA

Educated in California.

Worked in Los Angeles, Mexico, New York and Paris. Currently based in Finistère, France.

G.N. Thwaites
Edition and Communication

Born in Ufa, Russia.

Educated in Bashkotostan, Poland and France.

Speaks and writes seven languages;

English, Français, Deutsch, Polski, Pусский, Türk,  فارسی..

Andrew B. Thwaites is American and speaks English and French fluently. As English is an international language, many cultures around the world use it to communicate. However, Projects created in France on this site are described in French.


Andrew B. Thwaites has worked, throughout his long career, first as a decorator, interior designer, then architectural designer, junior architect, project manager, municipal project designer, urban planning consultant, collaborating architect, financial developer new projects. territories, Project Manager, and finally Project Architect / Interior Designer. He and Andrew B. Thwaites' projects have received numerous awards over the years. The purity of architectural design through to execution is preserved with a single voice at the helm of the project. He alone carries out the design and initial development and holds the reins for carrying out the project.


It offers public services and individuals its skills in institutional, educational, cultural and sporting projects. Twenty-five residential projects saw the light of day in Brittany and more than a hundred various projects in North America, carried out before his arrival in France.


His work continues on international projects and competitions and in France.

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