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The project is located at 5, rue du Président Kennedy 78800 Houilles, in the alarm clock district.


The ground floor building consists of two parts:

A large gym

A part for the changing rooms and the boiler room.


The construction dates from the 1970s.


The project is a complete renovation of the facades and roofs of the Franco Brondani gymnasium with the implementation of thermal insulation.


Implementation of a roof covering with a 20 cm thick insulating complex on the existing steel deck and a framework to support the RAL 7031 steel deck of the new roof.

Implementation of 4 smoke extraction skydoms.

Implementation of wood-tone composite panel cladding over a 12 cm insulating complex on all concrete walls and to replace the existing steel trays.

Covering existing concrete posts in anodized aluminum on 4 cm insulating complex.

Implementation of a translucent insulating polycarbonate facade, on which “Franco Brondani” will be printed, replacing the existing wooden joinery of the large sports hall.




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