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The project concerns the renovation of the René Cassin facades, rue Jean Mermoz. The objective of the project is to standardize the entire cultural center which revolves around the Graineterie cultural center. Also the facades have undergone an ocher renovation which harmonizes the entities. They participate in the staging of the Place des Arts. In fact, a metal structure is planned. It is made up of a succession of arches resuming the appearance of part of the destroyed Cassin pavilion and will thus allow the visual balance of the original construction to be regained. This combination of materials subtly and lightly brings a dynamic to the Place des Arts. This operation is part of the development of the public spaces of the church ZAC. In fact, it completes the paving of the Place des Arts and the installation of street furniture.


The facade renovation project will be structured around three axes:

The annexes on the North and East facades; while maintaining the current appearance. In fact, the reliefs and other recesses are preserved in order not to distort the construction.


The Cassin room on the North, East and West facades; while retaining the moldings present in the work. The north facade, overlooking the square, is the subject of a complete renovation. The general condition of the wall reveals significant defects in the work which presents significant differences in thickness.


The metal structure and the portal of the room adjoining the Place des Arts; by bringing added value to the project. Indeed, the installation of a metal structure, imitating the original supporting structure, contributes to the plastic quality of the site.


Buildings in the DRC have a maximum height of 8.9 m.

Emergency vehicles can intervene on the main facade of the building. They can access the equipment from:

rue Jean MERMOZ,

the main access on heavy roads,

the Place des Arts



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