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The project is a rehabilitation with redevelopment of premises belonging to the city.

The ground floor premises are separated into two parts independent of each other:

- a space reserved for unions

- an area hosting the communications department.

The basement was redeveloped to accommodate storage rooms.


The work concerns:


Union part:

Maintaining the premises in their current locations and proportions, no changes are made.


Communication area:

Enclosure of the staircase leading to the basement

Creation of two toilets for staff

Creation of an office including a small storage room

Creation of an office space dedicated to the communication department and composed of 6 workstations


·For the entire building:

Interior insulation to improve thermal comfort by avoiding temperature variations

Upgrading electricity standards

Creation of a door in place of an existing window.


The existing bar is removed to be replaced by anthracite gray roller shutters.

The exterior joinery is changed to aluminum joinery of the same color as the roller shutters. They are adapted to fire standards.

The exterior appearance is harmonized with the character or interest of the surrounding areas as well as the urban landscape.


The rehabilitated volume is on the ground floor. It is located along the property line.

The coating is white on all the facades.

The roof has a single-paned part in red mechanical tiles and a part with a flat roof.


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