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The total floor area is 1,815 m².

The construction dates from 1960.

The project is a modification of the facade with exterior insulation and change of all the joinery.


The planned works are:


Treatment of facades with passivation of corroded steel

Exterior insulation in cladding and coating

Change of all exterior joinery

Modification of stairwell openings to obtain a band opening

Installation of signage indicating the name of the establishment on the facade

Closure of the courtyards for better thermal comfort


The work is carried out on an occupied site over a period of 3 months.


The existing building is currently served by the city's various networks (ERDF, GRDF, Eaux and France Télécom, SITRU district heating).

It is also connected to the municipal rainwater and wastewater networks.


The land has an area of 2.3 hectares.

The height of the School measured from the natural ground to its highest point is 11.5 m.

The exterior joinery has been changed to anthracite gray aluminum joinery. They are adapted to fire standards.

The exterior appearance is harmonized with the character or interest of the surrounding areas as well as the urban landscape.


The rehabilitated volume is R+2. It is located in the center of the field.

The coating is white and the cladding is in marine-colored composite panels on all of the facades.

The roof has four sections of red mechanical tiles which are changed with an identical rendering of the existing one.


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