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Architecture de l'Intèrieur


Surface : 20 m²


This cuisine had already been renovated three times. We discovered the original parquet flooring was of cherry heart wood, laid in1890.  We replicated the cabinets from the 1920s but used modern adjustable hinges and a more resistant finish. Sometime during the fifites, was installed some linomeum which hid the cherry flooring. With much diffuculty we managed to not harm any of the wall paper from the 1970s during the renovation and luckily, in the attic, we found several rolles of trim left over from the 70s.  


The restoration of the cherry parquet was of primary importance, as it provides the stuctural base for the new cabinets, and established the tint for the wood trim through out the kitchen.  Every cabinet was created to the nearest 1/8 inch, the arch in the cabinest was fitted to the size of the clients little dog, and the tiles were hand painted to match the wall paper.  All the appliances were replaced with top of the line models. Many smaller appliances were hidden behind the tambour doors, including a television.


With a new skylight, the new kitchen was luminouse and had 20 sq. feet more of work surface, with out moving a single wall. The result gave the impression of a seamless installation, and was timeless...the new heart of the home, lovingly done up in rose!



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