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Centre Technique  Municipale - Houilles

The CTM of Houilles consists of five buildings and six municipale greenhouses, one of the building was rehabilitated and the rest were constructed new. 

1. The new offices and vestiaires for the agents of the CTM. It contains offices to accommodate fifty agents in the Service Buildings, Green Space and Roads, as well as the locker rooms for all seventy-five agents of the CTM. There is additionally underground parking for the heads of services.

2. The municipale workshops were created to house all materials and space necessary for all the creation and modification of elements needed in the repair and installation of electrical, plumbing, woodworking, and vehicle maintenance for all one hundred and twenty-five municipale structures within the city of Houilles. The walls of this facility were constructed of industrial grande polycarbonate which allowed natural lighting to penetrate the interior of the building, thus offering a substantial saving in electricity. 

3. Just a garage.

4. The rehabilitated warehouse transformed into a garage for buses and other large municipale vehicles. It had been a squat for a number of years prior to rehabilitation.

5. The covered stocking zone for all road repair materials : gravel, sand, and other aggregates.

G. Five municipale greenhouses for the production of flowers and plantes for the entire city's vegetal decorations, both exterior and interior.

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